Robin Venuti

Robin Venuti

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Robin has loved living on the Monterey Peninsula since 1982.  She and her husband bought their first house in Pacific Grove in 1985 and that is still her primary residence. She has owned rental property in Monterey County since 1992.  Robin enjoys monitoring the Monterey Peninsula real estate markets to keep her finger on the pulse of activity.  She especially likes working with older clients as she understands their specific needs while at the same time coordinating and communicating with family members during the whole process.
While Robin is new to a professional career in real estate, she grew up with parent realtors in Southern California.  Robin is known to be persistent and successful in getting things done and her working with Weathers Gannaway enables her to bring decades of experience from the principals in her group.
She was formerly a fundraiser but her passion for real estate and her continued interest in working with people makes her a natural to help find the perfect home or investment for her clients.

Work With Weathers Gannaway Group

We navigate buyers through public and private listings, coming soon and off market properties. We utilize discreetly marketed connections and diverse localities to find the perfect fit at the best price. Using expert negotiating skills, sellers are confident we can help realize the highest price for their properties through strategic and timely marketing thereby engaging the broadest and most engaged buyers. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we know that moving is a big decision and the Weathers Gannaway Group is your partner for a smooth and beneficial transition.
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