Local Women of Residential Real Estate are a Powerful Part of Peninsula Transactions

"Women are intuitive. We understand that a house becomes a home, and that families and individuals are really looking for that home to become a haven," says Gin Weathers, a member of the Weathers Gannaway Group for Compass, in Carmel. "Women have a wonderful way of perceiving the energy of a house and matching it with people,"she says. "We can feel the match. I have called people from a house to say, 'I'm in what I think is going to be your home.' This understanding goes beyond the business of what is presented on paper. It's intuition."
Gin Weathers, whose career began in commercial real estate in Los Angeles, never really thought about getting into residential real estate until 15 years ago, when she moved to the Monterey Peninsula. "I was in a world where we cut to the chase", she says. "Yet it turns out I have the qualities that are really important in residential real estate."
One of those qualities is empathy, the ability to identify with others, to understand their sensibilities, to develop a sincere rapport with her clients. "I believe women are more empathic because we have the ability to understand both sides of the negotiation", she says. "When looking for a solution, we tend to use collaborative tactics to achieve a win-win. Our approach to the problem is "let's think about how we can make it work."
Collaboration is the cornerstone of the Weathers Gannaway Group, which includes administrative assistant-turned-real estate agent Martha Davis, giving additional direction to their Compass headings. "Working together with Compass gives us the technology, the brain power, and the collaboration to be better agents", Gannaway says. "So, when we go out to do our job in this field, we can focus on building relationships, which is what our business and this community are really about."

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